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General History and World Knowledge

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The four dominant human cultures in this world are the Ethillians, the Kazakhs, the Ganzorigans and the Vinetessons.  


The Ethillians recently emerged from their “dark age” thanks to the countries of Kazakh and Ganzorig archiving the lost culture of the west. Although the Ethillians were strongly lacking in scholarly and scientific pursuits, they are the forefront of magical research and techniques. Their religion is centralized around incorporating every single deity that their history had ever encountered from other cultures, but to be inferior to their reigning god, The Weaver. From the Weaver all magic and all life is born, and all magic potential is hewn in one’s bones. Some of the arts that Ethilians value are oil painting,  (operatic) singing and Ethilian dancing, which is slow and methodical.  Their cuisine, however, tends to be something a little more than “dry” unless it is the Genossa coast, where their seafood is by far their best trait.

“The almond flavor, yes, I recognize cyanide. A pity, I expected subtlety from one as intelligent as you, but I can be wrong.” -A parable explaining how the great King Askeladd met Queen Elizabeth, and how he gained his historic claymore scar.

Ethil is home to the following “main” races: Humans, Elves in the forests, Dwarves in their mountains, Half-elves, Changelings and the Goblins, much to their dismay. They view Aasimar favorably while Tieflings are killed at birth, no questions asked. Grippli are also found deep within the swamps and the forests, but they are so rare that they are considered endangered by most or extinct by some.  


The Kazakhs are deeply religious, believing that the universe thrives on the idea that existence only exists because it lives in a continual paradoxical state: Nothing can ever exist because if nothing were to exist, then it would in turn be existence. This is made evident by the symbol of the Mask, and they wear their masks with the utmost pride. The Kazakh people are well known for their scholarly pursuits, their poetry, their dance and their astronomy. Their magic draws more from the heavens and their understanding of it, thus true Kazakh magi are few and far in between. They have an alliance with Ethil, and are on generally good terms with them. Their dances are fast paced, wild and energetic with an upbeat musical flavor to accompany it. Their cuisine tends to have a distinct scent due to the variety of spices, and their spices are also highly valued by many people.  

“You are who you are, do not shun the shadow. Wear the mask with pride, for all the while you are grinning underneath it.” -An excerpt from the Kazakh canon, “The Mask’s Assurance”.

Kazakh is home to the following “main” races: Humans, halfings, Ifrit, Catfolk, the mysterious Suli and Samsarans. They also have ratfolk, but do not view them favorably.


The Ganzorigans are not religious like the Ethillians or the Kazakhs, but they will not allow any form of insult to their beliefs. They believe that everything works in a way of balance, so much so that they view Light and Shadow as something that is in an eternal dance with one another, represented by the Sun and the Moon and the Night sky and the Stars. They believe all things happen for a reason, and these reasons can include that you were the cause so their blade is the effect. They are an immensely proud people, and they have been at war with Ethil for decades despite being allies in former years. It is only in recent times that a ceasefire has been agreed to, and negotiations are underway between the two cultures. They usually have absolutely no form of magical aptitude other than what they call “Ki”, the art of the spirit, other than the rare exception. Their artistic expressions include intricate brushwork with ink, the like many envy but few dare replicate, progressive forms of dance and music all focus on the flow of one’s body, and their cuisine is some of the most varied from region to region. Their metallurgy is also considered to be one of the most beautiful, much to the dismay of the Vinetassons. Though they do not have magic, they are considered to be the originators of blackpowder, their influence widespread throughout Ethil due to their potent weaponry. Woe be to the poor fool who tries to generalize their food. This is, despite the humorous tone easily found, one of the leading causes for the outbreak of the war. They take the absolute and utmost pride in their cuisine.

“You can kill my father, you can impregnate my mother, you can even [redacted] my dog, but you do not say these noodles are limp.” -High Commander Tzu to King Askeladd.

The main races Ganzorig host are: Humans, Kitsune, Oread, Tengu, Nagaji, the strange Vishkanya, Dwarves (who immigrated from Ethil, having fallen in love with the metal art of the Ganzorig), Wayangs and the Vanara. The races tend to treat each other with respect, but there is no love lost between them.


There are the Northerners of Vineta who come and go as they please. They are used to cringe-inducing cold temperatures, and their culture reflects it. They have two seasons: Winter and Summer. Their queen, Lady Geirskogul, has in recent years sought to reignite war and bring it back to its roots of a war based culture, in which they had no fear of death due to their belief that if they die in battle they would ascend to the heavens to continue their fighting, their drinking and their fun. The music they prefer the most are the hard, fast rhythms of drums and acapella, they also are surprisingly amazing carvers and tapestry weavers. Their magics are more environmental, and is home of the legendary weather witches. Their metallurgy is considered to be some of the finest, mithril being one of their major resources.  Their cuisine tends to be fatty accompanied by root vegetables. Green vegetables are only eaten once per season and are valued when fresh, and pickled for the winter. Strangely enough they are well known for their desserts since they are home to the cloudberry, a berry that grows nowhere else but in Vineta, and not a single soul would complain about a Vinetasson dessert.

“Hearts on fire, weapon in hand, drink in the other, we bellow to the sky. We will fight tooth and claw for this land, it’s the only way we’ll ever die!” -Old Vinetasson drinking song sang to this day.

Races that Vineta host are: Humans, Orcs, Half-Orcs, Drow, Kobolds, Sylph, Winter Undine, Duergar, Dwarves, Hobgoblins, Elves/Half-Elves and the Se’els. The Se’els, Sylph and Winter Undine live in a close knit community that few know of, but otherwise every other race respects one another for about as long as it takes to throw and to take a punch. They are incredibly segregated.

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